Do you think your care home needs to improve in time for your next CQC inspection?

What is person centred care?

Firstly, we need to be clear about what exactly is person-centred care.

A person must receive the best possible care that is tailor-made to meet their emotional, social and practical needs to maintain a quality life. Person-centred care will ensure your residents enjoy a better quality of life, and in effect, be more satisfied with the care they are receiving.

How can you improve person-centred care in care homes?

It’s best to answer this question in three parts.

1. Resources

Unfortunately, in most care homes, staff cannot focus on providing the best care as their time is spent mostly on administration and paperwork. Sometimes, there might be staff shortages, a sickness which means that paperwork starts piling up and your staff’s priority changes from the resident to general administration.

How can you ensure administrative tasks do not stop your staff from doing the best they can for their resident?

Invest in technology. A tailor-made care management software that can produce care plans, take care of medicine administration will be a lifesaver. Staff can make the best decisions based on individual reports and information provided by the smart care home software. Using innovative care management software with user-friendly interfaces empowers staff to use technology with confidence.

2. Innovation and technology

The way people are accessing health care services has changed drastically over the years. National health services are taking steps towards making its services accessible online for a more personalised and tailored experience.

Using innovative technology in care sectors enables staff to provide person-centred care. A good care management software will give you comprehensive reports and a wide range of tools to do assessments to meet individual needs.

Automated reports and easy to use assessment tools save you time and help your staff to spend more time with individuals who need support and care.

3. Well-led

Software that provides an interface to manage all resident, staff and home management will provide all the resources for your managers and staff to provide quality care. Involvement of the family plays an important role when providing personal-centred care. Unieke’s care management software enables you to get the family involved to give the best emotional and social support to individuals. Families can provide insights to your staff which may have been missed otherwise when producing person-centred care plans.

Would you be interested in a fully customizable, tailor-made care management software that will help your managers and staff provide the quality care? Our technology can help empower your staff with the help of active family involvement to provide personalised care.

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