Improve Person-centred Care

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Care Management Software

Using innovative technology in care sectors enables staff to provide person-centred care. A care management software will give you comprehensive reports and a wide range of tools to do assessments to meet individual needs

One platform to manage all your care home meeds

CQC Ready

Unieke gives clearer, smarter, faster charts than ever. Our smart and CQC compliant charts give the best graphical and analytical reports.


Unieke gives you complete mobility for your care management system. Access the system 24/7. No set-up cost or downloads.

Tailored Solutions

We offer a scalable and flexible system which adapts to your care home’s growth. Fully capable to accommodate any new changes.

Our Unieke Features


Stop worrying about audits or Quality checks. Our built-in compliance checks ensure that your documentation is compliant with regulations. As regulations changes, we are updated to keep you in compliance.

Shift Planner

Working out shifts can be difficult, so we created a Shift Planner especially to make your life easier. You don’t need to be an expert. Colour-coded shifts on a clear designed-for-purpose calendar. Easy to set up and update.

Home Assessments

We offer a wide range of home assessments like fire safety, health and safety, infection control, provider quality audit, visitor feedback forms, staff meetings and many more.

Staff Clock In / Time Sheet

We offer a comprehensive payroll solution to calculate wages. Processing payroll can be one of the most time-consuming tasks and we offer many features designed to make it simple and accurate.

GDPR Compliant

Unieke understands that the focus on individual rights (as well as transparency and accountability for the collection and handling of personal data) places EU residents and their rights at the heart of GDPR.

Activity & Food Boards

Unieke offers food menus and daily activity charts. Get detailed reports based on service users, activities or food lists. Reports can be used for food intake charts or for the chef.

Care Plans

Create comprehensive care plans with ease. Our smart system will remind you to review and our intelligent system can help you with all matrix and updates.


Unieke gives clearer, smarter, faster charts than ever. You can bring your own charts. Our CQC compliant charts give the best graphical and analytical reports.


Make use of our wide range of care assessments. Assessment updates and reviews are made easy with our smart suggestion tool.


Generate custom reports based on the service user’s needs. You can find all forms like incident, accident and other CQC report forms and resources.

Reminders and Alerts

Keep track of all the appointments and event reports. Our smart alert system will never let you miss any meetings or appointments.

Custom Templates

Use your own custom documents and templates. Unieke is endlessly scalable to integrate your own templates and meet your custom management needs.

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