Person-centred care home software to manage all your

Comprehensive care management software to support your staff with person-centred care. Person-centred care let the resident be able to focus on improving their health and engaging in activities and wellbeing.

care home software

Tailor-made Software to support all your staff to provide person-centred care

Get started free with Unieke that can provide all the tools to improve your residents health and wellbeing

Care Plans

Unieke offers all features to manage all your person-centred care plans with ease. We offer tailor-made tools to best suit your care needs.

Risk Assessments

We offer wide range of tools to assess, analyse and evaluate risks that may have a negative influence on the quality and safety of the care delivered.

Care Assessments

We offers wide range of assessemnt tools to help with planning a person-centred care for all your residents. Also offers to bring your own assessment forms.

eMAR and Medication Management

With eMAR, no medication dosage is missed as the care worker gets alerts before the prescribed time with the correct dosage and a full count of medication remaining for the required cycle.


Generate custom reports based on the service user’s needs. You can find all forms like incident, accident and other CQC report forms and resources.

Custom Templates

Use your own custom documents and templates. Unieke is endlessly scalable to integrate your own templates and meet your custom management needs.

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